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Personal Bible Study

The Bible is full of complicated words and ideas. The Battle For Redemption: A Walk Through The Bible is a straightforward, simple approach to the Bible that will help you see how the Bible is less about rules and more about life!


Small Group Resource

The spirit breathed words of the Bible weren’t just meant to be read, they were meant to be responded to! The Battle For Redemption: A Walk Through The Bible presents the Bible in a way that is more like having conversation over coffee versus being lectured to in a classroom.


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It can be difficult to take the writings of the Bible and find their relevancy in the world today. The Battle For Redemption: A Walk Through The Bible presents a simple picture of how the Bible is relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Read through the Bible in 3 weeks or less!


The Battle For Redemption makes it easy to sit down and read through the Bible. The simple, conversational approach brings the rich, beautiful ideas of scripture to life in a way that anyone can read and understand.


The Spirit longs to connect with us! Each inspired word of scripture isn’t just meant to fall to the floor, but to be picked up and held close to our hearts and to our minds. The Battle for Redemption offers you a way to connect with the Sprit in relational way.


The natural human response to good news is to want to share it. The good news of the Bible is a solid foundation for life and living. When you understand and connect with it, you can’t help but share it! The Battle for Redemption gives you a way to share good news in a way that friends and family will want to hear and learn more!

About the Author

Chris Webber is a youth and worship minister holding degrees in Christian Education from Harding University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He is passionate about sharing God’s love with the world alongside his lovely wife, Katie Sue. He currently lives in the Houston, TX area with his wife and son, Carson.

The Battle For Redemption

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