5 Bible Resources You Need To Know

I’ve been asked over the years about which Bible resources I prefer to use. Here are some of the recent ones I’ve found over the last several years. Enjoy!

1. David Bowden Spoken Word – Youtube
Spoken Word Poet, Author, Preacher

David Bowden lives and breathes the Bible. He has recorded a selection of captivating short videos taking you on a journey through various pieces of Scripture.

 2. Storyteller Bible – Keith Ferrin
Storyteller, Author, Speaker


Keith Ferrin’s job is literally memorizing the Bible. How cool is that? He travels and recites Scripture to audiences across the United States. He has recently recorded an Audio Bible and you have to hear it!

 3. YouVersion Bible App
Downloadable in your phone’s App Store

1,805 Bible versions in 1,254 languages for free in one app. I love holding a physical copy of the bible in my hands but this nifty little app has as many Bible translations are you would ever want. Head over to your app store and download this app today if you don’t already have it. I prefer the NIV, ESV and Christian Standard Bible. But, The Message is a nice simple translation.

 4. ESV Journal Bible

ESV (English Standard Version) has come out with a journal Bible that I love! At every turn of the page, one side will be scripture and the other is a blank page with lines for journaling. If this isn’t for you, ESV also has a traditional Bible with lines in the margins to mark up as well. Either way, this is a great way to study the Bible.

 5. The Battle For Redemption: A Walk Through The Bible
Minister, Worship Leader, Author


The Battle For Redemption walks you alongside the Bible chronologically. It’s a simplified, conversational, relevant look at the Scriptures without fear of getting lost in big words or complicated ideas. This book breaks down any barrier you might have in reading the Bible. It has proven to get in the hands of many who have never read the Bible and guess what – they LOVED it! Order your copy today!