How To Get Your Spouse In God's Word


Back in 2011, 67 percent of surveyed U.S. adults said that they wished they used the Bible more, however by 2019 this figure had dropped to 56 percent.” (These figures and more can be found at:

Now what happens when your spouse doesn’t go to church or have any interest in it? The concern is obvious – it makes it difficult! Maybe you believe you’ve done all you can do to get your spouse interested in God and His Word – but let me give you some hope. 

Now this may not be your one and only answer. But I’ve seen this do miraculous things!

First OffContinually pray for your spouse.
Secondly – Be Patient & Respectful with your spouse. This is an open ongoing conversation, not a quick fix. 
Third – Allow them to see you in God’s Word. 
Fourth – Find a no-pressure resource to help engage them in the Bible.

The Battle For Redemption: A Walk Through The Bible (TBFR)
One of the various reasons I wrote The Battle For Redemption was to help ease the tension in sharing God’s Word, especially with people who don’t understand the Bible or have spent little to no time reading it. Below I’ve attached one of the MANY testimonials I’ve received about spouses sharing TBFR with their spouse. The neat thing is that this woman’s husband hated reading books.. but he chose to read this one! Powerful right? 

This Book is not a replacement for the Bible, but instead, can be viewed as a guide to the Bible. You might even consider calling it an onramp to reading the Bible! Many people have read this book that would never step foot inside of a church building or read the Bible. I’ve also had some of the most seasoned Christians use this book in their church small groups. (Grab your copy below)

  • The Battle For Redemption is full of Scripture
  • It basks in God’s witty humor
  • It’s whimsical, applicable and tremendously relevant.
The Bible, if turned into a Television Series, would look something like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ collided with.. well, something rated a little more ‘General Audience’. It’s full of action, drama, thriller and romance all describing the history of God’s people and the church. Once that realization occurs – everyone should want to dig into God’s great big love letter we call the Bible. TBFR helps make it less intimidating.

Now remember, this is a conversation starter. Be patient and respectful with your spouse. Ask them questions about their beliefs and truly listen to their responses. Take time to get on their level to understand where they are. The more you do this the more you will grow a mutual respect and trust in this arena of your relationship. P.S. – Listen more than speak. (I know this can be difficult)

I cannot promise you that this book alone will change the world for you, your spouse, or anyone. But I’ve seen it happen! (Grab your copy below!)

“I just have to share! My husband read four chapters of your book!! His first time ever reading the Bible!! My youngest daughter began reading online and ordered her a book too!! I’m so excited and grateful for your obedience to the Holy Spirit!! God honoring, life changing, prayerfully born again changes in my very own family!!”
Lori Bean
Owner, Nia's Town Square Restaurant

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