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Why I Wrote The Battle For Redemption

Have you tried a read the Bible in a year plan but got stuck in Leviticus? Maybe someone has handed you a Bible but the page count discouraged you from actually reading it. I wrote this book with you in mind.


When you read this book you will see the Bible in a way that you’ve never seen it before. It’s chronologicalstraightforward and relevant. The simple use of white space and lack of big blocks of text allows you to engage with the story without getting distracted. If you engage on this journey you will have a front row seat at the greatest love story ever told.

By no means does this book replace the Bible. In fact, this book is chockfull of scripture. My desire for you is to use this book as if it were a tool on your tool belt. Sometimes reading the Bible can get confusing. There are cultural differences between the biblical audience and us. Words we don’t understand. Names we cannot pronounce. I tried my best in The Battle For Redemption to combat these obstacles to allow for you a simpler reading experience. But I ask you to always go back to the Bible; this book is but a tool.


Over the years I’ve been asked many times of the best way to study the Bible.

·      Is there a book to start with?

·      A preferred way to read through the Bible?

·      A resource to read alongside the Bible?

I prefer to read the Bible all the way through. It helps me understand the flow of scripture rather than as separate isolated stories. This book will allow you to study the Bible all the way through in a few short weeks or less. You can either read this book in one sitting, as an extended read or alongside the Bible. There isn’t a wrong option.

I invite you on this journey. So what do you say? Let’s give it a try.



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